Yeezy Slide (12)

The Yeezy Slide is Kanye West's interpretation of an essential part of any sneaker rotation—the sandal-style slide. are they comfortable How do they fit together?
Hey Champs Sneakers fans, this is fake yeezy slides after all, so I'll try to keep my review short and to the point. The Yeezy Slide is super comfortable! Looks like, well, they're up for discussion.

Fake Yeezy Slides Fit

Fake yeezy slippers are generally standard shoe sizes, unless your feet are fatter. Otherwise, choose your usual shoe size.

Fake Yeezy Slides Cushion

The midsole is very thick and lifts you off the ground better than most sneakers. The exaggerated tread on the bottom increases comfort (slightly) by providing more compression as you walk.

Fake Yeezy Slides Material

The unnamed foam used is apparently comparable to Crocs brand foam. I'd say it's slightly denser than Crocs foam. The slides are molded thicker all around when compared to regular Croc. The foam has a very small amount of adidas Bounce feel.

Fake Yeezy Slides Traction

Don't be fooled, it's all about appearances. You might be able to walk over small puddles or wet surfaces slightly better than other foam slides because there is less surface contact with the water, but let's be honest...it's foam, not rubber.


If you can get Yeezy Slides for a better price, we'd say they're worth checking out. Go buy the following fake yeezy slides.