Nike Dunk Low (363)

What is Nike Dunk Low Reps?
The Nike Dunk Low Reps is a low-top version of Nike's ubiquitous Dunk silhouette designed by Peter Moore. While it never became a true performance sneaker like its predecessor, it has always been a serious contender in the retros space, especially in the Nike SB line.

The Nike Dunk Low Reps was born in the early '90s. It is widely used as a basketball sneaker and is designed for players who want a low-top sneaker with good traction and support.

To this day, the Nike Dunk Low Reps has once again captured the hearts of sneakerheads around the world. Virgil Abloh and his popular Off-White label capped 2019 with a reinterpretation of preppy colorways with elongated lace-ups. 2020 has seen the revival of the aforementioned "Stay True to Your School" colorways, such as University Red, Syracuse and Kentucky Dunk, followed by two other “Team Tones” options dubbed the “Brazil” and “Champ Colors”. Also, famous colorways have dropped, including its “Plum” revival and CDG editions. The launch of Nike Dunk Low reps has confirmed that it will strengthen cooperation with brands such as Cactus Plant Market and Kasina, and launch more special series.

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