Air Jordan (881)

Cheap Jordans’s popularity no longer requires me to introduce and list them one by one. People’s obsession with him has reached an incomprehensible level, and I am the same. For cheap Jordans, I like him not only because of his appearance, but also because of the great man behind the shoes. The homage to Michael Jordan is fully reflected in the shoes.

Champs Sneaker brings everyone to know, the whole series of cheap jordans.

Cheap Jordans 1

The CHEAP JORDANS generation accompanied Jordan to win a good fortune in the NBA. In his first year in the NBA, Jordan averaged 28.3 points per game, and scored the league's highest score of the season - 2313 points. Jordan won the Rookie of the Year title for his performance. Extend the CHEAP JORDANS generation and his own excellent performance in the NBA to the stretching stage of NIKE. At that time, this design that was seriously inconsistent with the league regulations made Nike pay a high fine for MJ. But it also brought high profits.

I remember that some blacks at that time did not hesitate to kill and rob in order to get a pair of AJ1, just for a pair of MICHAEL shoes.

Cheap Jordans 2

On April 20, 1986, Jordan was injured and returned to the first round of the playoffs. In the battle against the Boston Celtics, Jordan set a record of 63 points in the history of the playoffs. In the 1986-1987 season, Jordan wore the second generation of Cheap Jordans to create an astonishing scoring record-an average of 37.1 points per game, and won the NBA scoring title with this achievement. At this time, the second generation of CHEAP JORDANS removed the NIKE hook logo that sports shoes have always had, and adopted the French design concept, characterized by a simple design concept. In addition, for the first time, two basketball shoes of the same style, high and low, were produced.

Cheap Jordans 3

The third generation of CHEAP JORDANS adopts the AIR MAX air cushion used in jogging shoes, which makes it take into account a high degree of shock absorption and stability. The shape is changed to a three-quarter barrel design, which helps Jordan to exert amazing elasticity and speed. Became Jordan's best weapon. On the tongue part, the human figure design based on Jordan's flying layup action was adopted for the first time. In addition, Jordan won the title of "Scoring Champion" and "Best Defensive Player of the Year" in the second year of the NBA. Three generations are very popular in the market. At this time, Jordan and the famous director Spike Lee (Spike Lee) co-starred in TV commercials, which also became a topic of discussion among fans.

Cheap Jordans 4

The fourth generation of CHEAP JORDANS uses high-durability material [urabuck] inside the shoe, and in order to improve its breathability, it uses a rigid material on the upper, coupled with the obvious NIKE AIR patented air cushion, making [three-quarter barrel] The style is more evolved. The most worth mentioning is that using all black as the main design of sports shoes has changed the design concept of basketball shoes since then. At the same time, Qiao Dan has won the [Scoring Champion] award for three consecutive years and won the [ IBM Award].

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Cheap Jordans 5

The fifth generation of CHEAP JORDANS uses transparent rubber material on the sole, which is also the material used in the future shoes in the movie [Back to the Future 2], which can exert a high degree of grip. In order to promote lightweight sports shoes, the mesh cloth surface is used instead of the leather surface on the side of the shoe, and an air cushion is added to the bending groove of the forefoot for the first time to increase its flexibility. This pair of high-tech sports shoes with bullet holes has become a strong pillar for Jordan, who has won the title of [Scoring Champion] for four consecutive years.

Cheap Jordans 6

The 6th generation of CHEAP JORDANS pays more attention to the comfort of sports shoes like bare feet. It adopts a shell-shaped shoe body design to cover the entire foot, making it an excellent fit. Furthermore, it eliminates the redundant reinforcement of the toes. Exactly the desired [covered] feel. In this year, Jordan not only helped the Bulls win the NBA championship, but also won the MVP in both the regular season and the finals.

Cheap Jordans 7

The seventh generation of CHEAP JORDANS adopted Jordan's opinion and adopted a more popular design form. Two different materials were used in the middle of the sole, which was composed of [phylon] coating. [Air Huarache elastic inner], which further improves the fit. He led Jordan to defend the NBA championship in the second year, and also became the hero of the 1992 Olympic gold medal.

Cheap Jordans 8

The eighth generation of CHEAP JORDANS has both fit and support. It uses a cross shoelace fixing system and [Air Huarache elastic inner covering the foot, showing unprecedented adequacy. In the configuration of the field, the left and right are separated, bold Hollow out the central part to make it lightweight. It allowed Jordan to win the [scoring champion] for seven consecutive years, and the dream of the NBA's three consecutive championships was also realized. Jordan set an astonishing new record of 41 points per game in the finals, but Jordan announced his withdrawal from the NBA after this season

Cheap Jordans 9

The ninth generation of CHEAP JORDANS is the only pair of shoes that did not appear in NBA official games after Jordan quit the NBA. It excludes all redundant parts in design and returns to the simplest style design. It also features the [Quick Lacing System] for the first time, with a wavy midsole that partially handles sprained ankles. In addition, "Sports World" is engraved in Japanese on the outsole, and "Sports" in various languages is written on the front sole, and the longitude and latitude lines representing the earth pattern are drawn. It is a pair of fun sneakers.

Cheap Jordans 10

With the debut of the tenth generation of CHEAP JORDANS, Jordan returned to the NBA. The midsole of the AIR JORDAN tenth generation is made of ultra-lightweight [phylon] material, allowing Jordan's physical fitness to the limit. On the outside of the sole, it records the brilliant record of Jordan's 10 years of galloping on the NBA court. In the United States, the 10th generation of cheap Jodans is listed in city-limited colors, with a total of 5 colors on the market, among which the all black with red and white styles is the most popular.

Cheap Jordans 11

The newly designed CHEAP JORDANS XI is a [defender basketball shoe] that has never appeared in Jordan series basketball shoes. In addition to inheriting the lightweight design, graphite carbon fiber material is used in the shoe humerus to increase the stability of the shoe. , making Jordan more flexible when bouncing. There is a faint JUMPMAN word on the sole part, and raw rubber with excellent toughness is used to enhance the friction of the sole. Since Jordan led the Bulls to record an unprecedented record at the beginning of the 1996 season, the cheap Jodans 11 generation that played alongside Jordan caused frantic buying as soon as it was launched. It is said that labor police have to maintain order!

Cheap Jordans 12

The 12th generation of CHEAP JORDANS should also be a good sneaker, at least the appearance looks full of bullet holes. The sneakers look rough and the soles are particularly exaggerated. Taylor of the Rockets has been wearing these shoes. The first cheap Jodans shoes listed in mainland China, the retro version of the Air Jordan 12

Cheap Jordans 13

The 13th generation of CHEAP JORDANS uses carbon fiber material (Carbon Fiber) in the middle of the sole to provide better support and stability. Both can be effectively improved, and there are also extremely innovative designs in terms of shock absorption and shoelace connection. In addition, there is a 3D three-dimensional figure on the heel of the shoe, which is quite unique in design.


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