Yeezy 700 V2 (18)

Just buy the Fake Yeezys 700 v2 with the same size as usual.
The unique silhouette and texture structure of the shoe body, coupled with the 3M reflective effect with a high dazzle index, makes the first silver color matching extremely popular. The style of "Geode" is completely different from the first color scheme. The dark brown main tone is not only more resistant to dirt, but also Kanye's favorite earth tone, and it also makes the 3M reflective details of the shoe body more eye-catching.

The difference between Fake Yeezys 700 v2 and the first generation

Compared with the first generation of first-generation shoes, the fake yeezys 700 v2 has a slightly simplified design on the side of the shoe body. Taking this opportunity to inject three-bar elements, it is still full of retro style of old shoes.

At the same time, 3M reflective details are all over the body, which also has a very good visual effect.

Fake Yeezys 700 v2 Cleaning Method

1. The laces of the sports shoes should be removed and washed separately to ensure that the shoes can be cleaned and the laces can be cleaner. Do not use a hard brush to scrub the shoes, and do not use nails, etc. to buckle the patterns on the surface of the shoes.

2. It is not easy to soak the shoes in water for a long time (within 20 minutes); after washing the shoes, avoid direct sunlight, and do not put them on the heater to bake them, so as to avoid deformation of the shoes, glue opening, etc.; the temperature of the water for brushing shoes should not be too high, and the temperature should be controlled Below 40 degrees.

3. If the shoes have white parts, after washing, wrap the white parts of the shoes with toilet paper to avoid dropping the color (after the color falls, it is very difficult to remove).